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“It’s about damn time!”

While sitting on the couch playing playstation all day is quite the athletic pursuit,  Mrs. Bitchcook (also known as Emily, my wonderful fiance) felt it was time to take a break from the things most important in life (i.e. Gran Turismo) and make some use out of that $45 dollars missing from our bank account each month and head to the gym.

Since both Mrs. Bitchcook and myself love to take part in many different culinary ventures, we need to keep ourselves moving so we don’t end up on the biggest loser next season.  That’s why we have FINALLY decided to start up our own blog after drawing inspiration from other great food blogs like How Sweet EatsDashing Dish, and One Fit Foodie.  Hopefully here we’ll be able to share with you the food we love, and the things we do to not weigh 400 lbs eating it! 🙂

Welcome to Will Run 4 Dinner



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  1. I hope that your blog takes off and that you fill it will all sorts of yummy goodness 🙂 Will Miss Emily be posting a fashion and style section?



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