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Weekend Round-up

While Rich golfed Saturday morning I spent the day in my jammies watching a Toy Story marathon.

When I finally got motivated I put on my hat and met my friend Andrea for my very first trip to Nordstrom’s.

The idea was to get something for under my wedding dress. But they do not sell that at Nordstrom’s. So we wandered around and I tried on a super cute top at J. Crew.

It was kids top and did not fit quite the way I would like so I passed.

I also walked through BCBG and loved loved loved a ton of things they had but it was a little bit out of my price range according to Rich.

After wandering for a bit Andrea and I met Eric (her hubby) and Rich at Seasons 52.

I have been seriously obsessed with going to this restaurant since I learned of it’s existence about 2 months ago.

Basically the entrees are all under 500 calories and are fresh based on the season.

I enjoyed my artichoke stuffed shrimp (and Rich’s mashed potatoes).

He liked his lamb chops but he was disappointed in the size of his serving. I guess it was not manly enough to go along with his sour apple martini.

Andrea and Eric got Salmon and Scallops both of which also looked delish.

Salmon (and a cute necklace in the background).

Eric patiently waiting to eat so I could photograph his scallops 🙂

Seasons also has mini indulgences.

We had Blueberry Cheesecake (which I have heard from sources “Is the t*ts).

We had a peanut butter and chocolate, Rocky Road and my personal obsession Key Lime pie. They were super yummy and I did not feel overly guilty about enjoying every bite.

It was weird not going home with half my dinner but it was a perfect size of food to enjoy.

Sunday was just as lazy. We enjoyed ran 5 miles to start the day. It was quite funny to watch Rich pretend to shoot Jack and throw glitter while running to Ke$sha.

I then made a big lunch recipe curtesy of How Sweet Eats. With a side of brownies to celebrate my brother getting his first job that uses his degree.

My mom and I are super proud of all the hard work he did to complete 2 master’s in a year and am happy that he gets to use them doing something he really loves!



ps I am not sure how picture stealing works but I got the Jcrew picture from and the BCBG pic from I do not want to break blogging rules but am unsure how they work still 🙂


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  1. Your first trip to NORDSTROM’S!!! I love your dress and hat 🙂 You & Rich look so cute together! Such a cute couple!!!

    xo Terri

  2. Emily,
    Now you need to tell Rich that there is a price for beauty. Love the dress you posted and I will let Max know not to go after you for posting it, he a nice man and I am sure he won’t mind since we are close and all. I have a 50% off dress light purple for that wedding you were talking about very pretty..strapless..I could take a pic and send it to you. I have a 4 too..hope your doing well..Danielle

  3. Thanks!!! Andrea and I were all about the cute stuff in BCBG! Send me a pic of the purple dress!


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