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Road Trip

For the past 3 summers Rich and I have made the journey from the sunshine state to his home of New York. This year was a little different because we were going to visit my Grandy in Pennsylvania before we spent the rest of the summer on Long Island.

So we drugged packed up the monsters and an enormous amount of clothes and drove straight through.

Torre in her new seatbelt (and Kammie’s cage).

We made the goal to not stop for any fast food or eat out.

1. It is expensive.

2. As much as I tell myself get the side salad, I get the double pounder with cheese, fries and then feel awful the whole rest of the ride.

3. It makes me feel greasy.

This year we actually stuck to our goal and ate all the yummy food I packed!

Delish turkey and ham sammiches.

Luna and Cliff bars. We also get the kid’s version of cliff bars because they are just as filling and not as many calories for a snack.

And the greatest invention ever: barbecue popchips.

(and my hat in the background)

Somehow I always manage to be the one to drive the 2 to 4 am shift but atleast it gave my a break from baseball talk radio and ample opportunity to car dance to Britney.

Luckily Rich fell asleep fast so he could not make fun of my listening to it on repeat for about an hour. 




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