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Pink Dip

Families have different traditions.

Like most families we take family portraits. We have had some interesting themes.

Jeans and white shirts.

Khaki and colored shirts (the shirt color varied on the branch of the family).

And college sweatshirts.

Our twist on the portraits: we ALWAYS photograph the grandkids under this tree.

It is pretty neat seeing how much we have grown up over time. I unfortunately do not have the original picture. It was taken way before facebook neatly organized all my photos.

Families also like to celebrate together.

Our celebrating usually happens for free at the eternal tap: read free Straubs all day long. Or until the brewery closes.

Families enjoy traditional foods.

Ham for Easter.

King Cake for Mardi Gras.

Cole slaw for Thanksgiving.

Even if some family members (mom) are still fighting the cole slaw.

And Pink Dip for pretty much any other occasion.

I have tried to explain the greatness of pink dip to many.

No one gets it.

I think it might be the ingredients that throw people off:


Chili Sauce

Garlic Powder

Onion flakes

1 block of cream cheese

To make put a block of cream cheese in a bowl. Add 1/4 cup ketchup. 1/8 cup of chili. Pinch of garlic and onion.  Beat together. Make sure it is pink (and not adobe like my mom makes).  Make sure to taste test. It is not an exact science.

We use Frito’s scoops. When desperate I have used carrots. Whatever …it gets it in my mouth.



ps. I am dying to cook real food! Anyone need me to come make dinner? Please I will stick to the recipe and not experiment too much 🙂


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  1. Matt makes that sometimes for french fries or fish but without the flakes….The was a staple in high school…

  2. You can cook for us anytime!! No low fat at my house! The only ingredient that gets me is the ketchup. I don’t mind the other ingredients.


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