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Summer Love

Rich and I spent the day at one of the best places on Earth.

I bought us tickets for our two year’s of dating anniversary: also known as the one that no longer counts.

We picked the perfect day.

It was sunny with a nice breeze. The New Yorkers thought it was too hot. The Floridian in me tried not to roll my eyes too much and just enjoyed the cool breeze.

We also used this as an opportunity to take a save the date picture.

I am pretty much the least photogenic person ever. I think I may even give Chandler a run for his money.

But we have these three options:



We obviously would crop the photos down to our faces.

I am not sure which is my favorite. Which do you like?

We also got to see my personal favorite Mark Teixiera hit his 300th home run!

Yay for him!!!




4 responses »

  1. I like the second one best! Or the first one!

  2. I love that first photo! Its frame-worthy! You guys are adorable, happy 2 years šŸ™‚

    xo Terri
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  3. I like the first one. Your smiles are brighter and I like to field in the background.

  4. I like the first one best


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