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Hot Yoga

I have been dying to try hot yoga.

I was slightly terrified to try it for a couple of reasons:

1. I am not very bendy.

2. I could not talk anyone into trying it with me.

3.  I am the second sweatiest person I know. The first being Rich.

(Our children have no chance).

Rich has been encouraging me to go.

I think it is mostly so I stop stressing about our wedding.


I got on my big girl panties,

I found Bikram Yoga studio right down the road and went.

I was a little worried that Mr. Bulge was going to be our instructor.

And that I would dissolve into fits of inappropriate laughter.

I was also a little worried because I am not a real yogi. I go to classes at LA Fitness, but mainly to stretch out after all the running I do. And because I can be incredibly vain, and I just assume everyone is watching me.

But I loved every sweaty moment of it! And I was not the sweatiest person there. Okay I was the sweatiest woman but whatever.

(and I have been sweatier)

I was able to do the poses more easily and I felt really awesome afterwards.

There was this really awesome pose that I could not do:

But I am going back and I will do it then!



ps we decided on our save the date. Kacey did an awesome job making them and I cannot wait for everyone to get them in mail!


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  1. Yay! I love hot yoga…and inappropriate laughing! Can I come?

  2. I will do hot yoga with you!!


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