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Arm workout

Rich and I have spent the past couple days making some important decisions about our wedding.

We think we have come to a decision on photography and DJ.

We also have found the GREATEST thing every invented:

Horseradish cheddar cheese slices.

sandwich thins, turkey pepperoni, and melted horseradish cheddar

I am thinking of a way to use in a recipe but mostly keep eating by the slice.

I have also added an arm workout to my rotation of running and hot yoga.

I chose 2 exercises to complete as a circuit (3 times each) and then move on to the next set.

Workin’ out the guns:

1a. bicep curls 3×15

1b. overhead triceps extension with dumbbells 3×15

2a. front raises 3×15

2b. shoulder shrugs 3×15

3a. hammer curl 3×15

3b. triceps kickback 3×15

as many push ups as possible

How do you think Rich will feel about these arms walkin’ down the aisle?





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