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Lazy Summer Days

The past few days have been mostly lazy days. Rich had to fly home to Tampa to take care of some things with work. At first I thought I was going to be super lonely and bored.

It is hard to be bored when you have these guys following you around. 

This was after I hid all the balls in the house. Val and Rich might find some in the couch in like 5 years.

We had already decided on a photographer and DJ so it was time to move on to flower girl dresses.When we first started talking flower girls Kacey found a really cute dress from Watters, who also did our bridesmaid dresses.

It is so stinkin’ cute.

And ridiculously expensive for something the girls will only wear for like 4 hours.

After some texting back and forth we decided to go look at Estelle’s Dressy Dresses.

This might explain why I was confused about when to meet. 

Unfortunately, Estelle’s did not have the dresses for us.

And after some more research online we did find this

which I also really like.

I love your opinions. Let me know what you think. Also keep in mind that I a weird bride and my dress is not white. It is oyster. Which is basically ivory only with a fancier name.

I have been eating some delish food.

Banana, Peanut butter on sandwich thins and a side of pineapple. 

And made Rich some delish lunch now that he is back.

Roast beef, chicken, swiss cheese and horseradish mayo on a sandwich thin. And you cannot forget BBQ popchips. 

I also chopped up some juicy watermelon only to find out: Rich does not like watermelon. I do not know what’s wrong with him.

We start out official training for Disney’s Wine and Dine on Monday but I am making Rich start a week early since while he was home for 24 hours he devoured a whole spicy italian and pepperoni pizza on his own.

Yea he is dead sexy right now.

I hope everyone is enjoying their lazy summer days!




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