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So I was driving along minding my own business, being crabby at Rich for driving back and forth all afternoon only to find out

Kathy (my mother-in-law) and Kacey planned a (secret) Bridal shower for me!

It included all of Rich’s aunts, Mammie, and other important females.

It also was baseball themed.

This is me asking why Rich couldn’t have encouraged me to look a little nicer, or at least wear my jersey.

I was slightly overwhelmed (ok I cried) and then I had another surprise:

This is me realizing my Mom, Michele, and Brenda skyped in!

The even almost missed the kick off of the Women’s soccer game.

That shows love!

Rich and I received a lot of wonderful stuff off of  our registry and a few things that were not on our registry from our wonderful flower girls.

A basketful of goodies, including our midnight blue and ivory Fiesta Wear. 

A spice rack with FIVE years free spices!

I used this picture only because my arms look jacked. 

Pajamas and a grill  from Rich’s mom.

A Yankee pillow pet, named Yogi Beara (it’s a bear), a yankee tote and a comforter cover courtesy of my wonderful flower girls!

I was so touched by all the small touches Kacey and Kathy had around the house.

A bride who whacked her Yankee groom over the head. 

My mom’s “chair” of honor. 

Favors for the attendees. 

The kiddos were even decked out in their Yankee gear.

Mackenzie even had a Mark Teixeira (my personal favorite) jersey on!

It was a wonderful day and I felt very blessed to be welcomed so warmly into Rich’s family.

I also learned a few things

1. No one listens to me.

I said NO surprises. Only because I have seen Friends, and I really have no interest in accidentally pulling a Monica.

2. I still need a photo family tree of Rich’s family. I have a hard time remembering who belongs to who. And where they live.

A flow chart would help.

3. I am marrying into a pretty awesome family.



ps. I also got our ice cream maker from my matron of honor Rachel and her mom. I am pretty stoked to get it out of the package and make some ice cream!


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