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Super Salads

Since Rich and I are basically vagabonds this summer we have lost a lot of our normal routines. We do not make it to a gym on a regular basis. We have a membership but our gym on Long Island is elite and charges us extra each time we visit

I guess no one told them  I am not engaged to Daddy Warbucks.

We are not cooking our own food because I make huge messes and I want my future Mother in Laws to like me .

We also seem to be eating at a lot of different celebrations:

surprise bridal showers

surprise birthday parties (for Rich’s mom Kathy)

and member guest golf tournaments.

I am not going to lie…we have enjoyed all of the yummy treats we have had like Pam’s ice cream cake, Jake Starrs wraps and lots of pizza! I just feel a little out of control.

Since I cannot really control all of this I am taking control of what I can:


Lately lunch has been whatever we can grab and chips.

Today we started super salads.

Super salads are super simple

the veggies you like,

a lean protein you like

and a little bit of healthy fat.

I call them super because they are big, and fill you up.

If you feel hungry 20 minutes later you prolly did not have enough protein.

Super salad

3/4 cherry tomatos in halves

3/4 cucumber diced into fourths

1/2 of  red pepper diced

1/3 cup brocoli slaw

slice of lean turkey meat

3 artichoke hearts

1/2 cup of spring mix

1/2 an apple (granny smith!)

3 teaspoons fat free balsamic dressing

Rich added mushrooms (ick) to his and left his cucumbers for me.

I have also been rocking an arm work out from Fitness magazine.

I am testing it’s ability for an at home work out since I am too poor for Long Island standards.




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  1. Great post thanks for sharing. Feel free to check out the recipe I posted.


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