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Rainy Day Activities

Rainy days call for things like sleeping all day, watching movies, losing at playing games of Yahtzee. Rich thought sleeping all day was out of the question so we participated mostly in the latter events.

Rich wanted to see a manly movie: Cowboys & Aliens. His main selling point was it has James Bond, Indiana Jones and Han Solo, how bad could it be? I wanted to see Crazy, stupid, love but my main point of Ryan Gosling shirtless fell on deaf ears. Fortunately, James Bond was shirtless so technically, I won.

And then I convinced him to see a double feature so Ryan Gosling was also shirtless by the end of our movie adventure. Double feature = winning.

To make this movie really worth it: it needed atleast another 20 minutes of him shirtless.

I was stalking reading Julie over at Pbfingers the other day and she had a really awesome post about having to say no sometimes to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. I thought it was cool to hear someone who is obviously ridic healthy say that sometimes she caves and has too much dessert.

Sometimes it really is hard to say no. I try to decide when it is worth it. Like will I really enjoy that second helping of potato salad? Should I really have 3 scoops of rocky road, with chocolate syrup and whip cream? Is this margarita really necessary?

Margaritas are usually necessary.

Most of the time it works and I know my body well enough to know when it is worth it and when it is not.

Like everyone there are things in life I should prolly say no to more often.

1. Diet Dr. Pepper.

Yes! I am aware that it is basically arsenic stop judging me.

2. French fries

or worse yet french fries with bacon and cheese on them.

We no longer go to Outback cause I am not sure how much longer I can say no.

3. Ice Cream.

Well atleast the second helping of it.

4. Harry Potter Sporcle.

I might need rehab.

What do you have to say no to to help maintain your healthy lifestyle?



ps my camera died and being the genius I am I did not pack a charger. oops.


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  1. Just have to say Han Solo and Indiana Jones are the same person.

  2. I think saying no to alcohol has really helped my lifestyle, useless sugars that end up making my flabby… no thanks 🙂 I also try to say no to staying up late, but should really work on saying no more often to that one since I seem to never get enough sleep.

    xo Terri


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