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Lazy Sunday

I love Sunday!

In the school year it is that last lazy day before you have to think up stations, science activities or writing lessons and pretend like you had it planned all along.

In the summer it seems like any other day only better.

Outdoor drinks, big family dinners and random games of yahtzee.

Rich thinks I am a tiny bit competitive.

It does not help my mom informed him we could not have family game nights cause I use to “throw things at Brian (my brother).”

He prolly deserved it.

My super cute friend Terri named me as one of her favorite bloggers, (I secretly paid her in clothes) so I have to complete the equivalent of a chain mail and state seven facts about myself.

1. My nan and grandy have a picture in their house that I have to cover with a towel when I am there because it scares the bejesus out of me.

2. I hate my tattoo. After our wedding it is gone.

3. I have no math skills. As evidence by yahtzee and my need for a calculator. But hey I can make a pattern that you would not believe.

4. I have no favorite color. At the beginning of the school year I pick the color that none of my k kids have picked on our graph. In reality my favorite color is green.  But do not tell my kindergartners.

5. I am slightly obsessed with carbs. Mac and cheese, pasta, bread, I wish it would get in my belly with more frequency!

6. I love teaching, but I think my talents at dressing other people are lost. I guess we could hope for a girl and maybe then it would be put to good use.

7. I am secretly delighted that Terri listed me with some of the awesome women she listed. They are much more talented then I am 🙂

At this point I am suppose to name 15 bloggers who I love and who should fill this out as well. But I am not sure any of  my favorite bloggers read my blog, so I am going to just remind you to visit some of the ladies I love on my link list.

I hope you enjoy your lazy Sunday.




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  1. Oh Emily! You are so wonderful! I love you to pieces. I remember those high school days when we bought almost all the same outfits from the Delia’s catalog. You are such a fashionista 🙂

    xoxo Terri


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