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Date Night

Today started out with a delish strawberry and banana smoothie.

MMM I have spinach hidden in me!

I had no motivation for workouts or running so I spent the day finally unpacking. Unpacking turned into cleaning out our closets and I became slightly worried about my future husband.

He packed 52 t-shirts, 17 pairs of golf shirts, and 8 million polos for a month in New York. Maybe he forgot about that awesome invention of the laundry machine but I kid you not…52 t-shirts.

Now my main concern was am I marrying a frat guy with a ridiculous amount t-shirts with lewd sayings? Or am I marrying Tiger Woods? Or worse am I marrying Carrie Bradshaw?

Those bags on the side have shoes in them. 

Seriously I am jealous of the amount of clothes he owns.

We finally managed to put most of this hott mess away and went out on a group date night.

I actually forgot I owned these jeans..Thanks unpacking for finding them for me!

We ate at Pagelli’s Italiano in our local outdoor mall. It was very good and we were serenaded (screamed at) for most of our dinner. Everyone’s dinner looked awesome. I had some delish chicken pesto, and would have it for lunch tomorrow but the guy misunderstood me and did not box it up.

Total bummer.

I really really really missed all my wonderful friends while we were in NY. I am so glad that we came back a little bit early so I could get caught up on all the baby, school and subwoofer info.

Tomorrow is an 8 mile day! I am so excited to run in the ridic heat…always better then hills.




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  1. J has a lot of clothes too… hmmm, not fair that our men have more clothes than us!

    xo Terri
    Im giving away a $50 Express Gift Card:

  2. Do you use delish because you can’t spell delicious?


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