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End of Summer Blues

Dear Summer,

I love you. I have enjoyed every moment that we have spent together. You have given me so much and I feel that I have taken advantage of you.

I love that you gave me ample time to spend with my family and friends.I enjoyed every moment that I got to play with mysweet faces and am sad that you made them go back to school so much sooner then me.


I am thankful that you were here to help me plan my wedding. The time you have given me will no longer be taken from my students during reading group time. You also showed me what a fabulous family I am marrying into, twice!


You also allowed me to bore my friends with my endless misadventures via blog. I have loved sharing my recipes and thoughts and also am amazed that more then five people have read it.


Finally, I am most thankful for you because you gave me time with my fabulous fiance, my sweet pup dogs and my some what chaotic workouts. I loved learning that Rich does not eat watermelon (who knew?) and that Kammie is a tick magnet (who wouldn’t love her).

Unfortunately, it is time that I put on my big girl panties and go back to work. I am excited to see what your sister Fall has in store for me, please remind her that I have many wrap sweaters that I would like to rock.

This drink (or 6) is for you.

Thank you again Summer, for all the wonderful things you have done for me. Try not to be sad, only 185 more (work) days until we meet again.



Spinach and Tortellini Bake

3 wedges laughing cow cheese (we used garlic and herb)

1 package frozen spinach (I have used fresh but the texture is off)

1/4 cup shredded mozzarella

1/2 lb spicy turkey sausage (browned)

1 package cheese (or chicken) tortellini (fresh or frozen works)

1 tomato sliced in rounds

1. In a saucepan, place frozen spinach and laughing cow wedges and melt together. When spinach has broken apart and mozzarella, mostly for texture.

2. Cook tortellini according to package directions, unless you are super fancy and make your own and then please share with me.

3. Brown your sausage, we had leftovers so I just threw it in.

4. In a large mixing bowl, mix together spinach mixture, sausage and tortellini.

5. Move to a 13×9 glass pan and top with tomatoes. Cook at 350 degrees cover for 15 minutes, uncover and cook for an extra five minutes.

This is hands down one of my most favorite meals ever. It makes saying good bye to summer so much easier!



ps. Tonight is the finale of Next Food Network Star! As much as I love love love Vic Vegas, I am calling Jeff the Sandwich guy. I am hoping this is not going to be another Aarti Party disappointment!


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  1. Im so happy that you started your blog this summer! I feel like I got to meet you all over again 😉 I order a bunch of tights from we love colors… I too hope that it gets cool enough to wear them all.

    xo T


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