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I started this AWE-some! arm workout Sunday.

It rocked my world.

I found it on pinterest via a tumblr. I do not want anyone to get me for not citing my sources.

I have been eating enchilada pasta like it is going out of style. As well as laughing cow cheese and pepperoni sandwiches.

I stayed up until 11:15 on a Sunday waiting very patiently for the Hunger Games teaser trailer, and watching Lady Gaga act a fool.

We are both hesitant to become excited because books are always better then movies.

We then spent the next two days arguing over who was better Peeta or Gale. We both have our theories but I want to hear yours.

So who do you love for Katniss? Gale or Peeta?

 And if you have not read the books…HELLO- best book ever written- go get it. I would give you mine but it is on my nook.



ps How stinkin’ cute was Beyonce. That is exactly how I plan to announce my pregnancy, bedazzled with Kanye jumping all over Rich.


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  1. After we read Water for Elephants, I am going to read this book 🙂 The work out sounds awesome… I want to try it out this weekend. I miss working out so much, my back injury hasnt been bothering me as much lately so maybe its worth a try!

  2. Eeek! I’m going to add this arm exercise in at home between my gym time!! 🙂 Thanks, Em!

  3. Not that my triceps aren’t burning enough from the gym! hahah! They could stand to burn some more!!!


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