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Hott Mess Pasta

Rich and I ran a race this morning. My first 10k race!It was a beautiful morning and we ran through Del Oro Park in Clearwater.

Rich got his qualifying time for a new corral for the Wine & Dine and I just ran to run. I did like my time, it made me very happy and I hope that I can turn around and run 7 more miles at the same pace in about 2 weeks.

Since we ran early, the rest of our day was made up of napping for about 3 hours, driving around a neighborhood we like and looking for houses, and making Nutella cookies (I will post the recipe and story tomorrow).

I have been dying to make this pasta from Italian Food Forever, so much that I broke my grocery rule and ran out and purchased the groceries for it. Only I was so excited I forgot to get sun-dried tomatoes, the right kind of pasta, breadcrumbs and then I forgot to get the chicken out to defrost.

So basically I just bought the mascarpone cheese. And I did not realize it until the water was boiling in the pot.

Which left me making up dinner with what we had in the cupboards. A couple half used boxes of pasta, leftover sausage and tabasco sauce.

Hott Mess Pasta

1/2 box whole wheat rotini

1/2 box whole wheat penne

1 cup mascarpone cheese

1 tablespoon lemon juice

2 tsp Habanero Tabasco sauce

couple cranks of fresh black pepper

3 spicy turkey sausage links

8-10 turkey pepperoni slices (little guys)

1 bag spinach

1. Mix mascarpone, lemon juice, tabasco and black pepper in a small bowl.

2. Brown sausage, adding pepperoni slices right at the end, and boil pasta according to package directions.

3. Reserve 1/3 cup pasta water, drain pasta, return to pot to stove at a medium/low heat.

4. Add mascarpone mixture to pasta, add a little bit of pasta water to fully mix the cheese and pasta.

5. Add ground sausage, pepperoni, and spinach, mixing and cooking until spinach is wilted.

Garnish with grated parmesan cheese.

It is a hott mess pasta because you can pretty much add whatever you want. I would have thrown some tomatoes in there but Rich is not the biggest fan and I try so hard to be a fabulous fiancee.

It was one of those meals Rich and I had to consciously think slow down and enjoy, because otherwise the whole pot would have been gone.




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