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My life is beyond boring.

We have been eating mostly leftovers or been going out with friends.

I had a serious bomb dropped on me in the middle of the week last week and I have not been up to cooking or being overly creative. I mostly ate carbs and ice cream.

But we did have fabulous time at Cello’s Char-house with our Safety Harbor friends. And another great night at the Hungry Greek with the Atlman’s.

And I fell in love with beer cheese soup.

I found a recipe here and here.

The second one calls for cheese wiz, which offends and intrigues me at the same time.

I haven’t decided which one to make but it will be soon.

I did make a new batch of hott mess pasta but that was mostly just to make me feel better (mmm carbs).

I am looking forward to seeing my fabulous sister-in-law and running 13.1 miles with her at the wine and dine!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!




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  1. Oh, that processed goop in a jar called Cheez Whiz really can be disgusting. But, once or twice a year I break down and buy some so that I can make my favorite Beer Cheese Soup. I hope you’ll give it a try Emily. You might get hooked!


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