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Don’t worry I am only half crazy

This weekend was so much fun!

It started off with us picking up Kacey, and heading over to Disney for Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween.

I dunno if I would call this not so scary.

But then Eeyore showed up and I felt much better. Even if he didn’t believe me.

We picked up our race packets, browsed the vendors and then watched Tangled and National Treasure, while waiting for our late night race.

This shirt was very popular.

Before the race started my main goal was to not cry like a baby on mile 11.

And to not run it any slower then the Princess.

Rich and I before our start.

As the gun went off and I lost sight of Rich, I just thought to myself just move your feet and the rest will happen. I did have some very interesting thoughts along the way.

Mile 2- Does it make me a bad Yankee fan that I want Terry Francano to take over Girada’s job? Will Rich judge me if I say this out loud?

Mile 4.8- Hmmmm. Do I look enough like someone’s relay partner that I could stop now? Do you think anyone will figure it out if I stop here?

Mile 6- What is that smell? Was that me? (A subtle check to make sure it wasn’t)

Mile 7- I am pretty sure Nicki Minaj is making fun of Britney in this song…..uncool, way uncool.

Mile 9- This gel bar is nassssssssty. Ick ick ick. Where is the water station?

Mile 10-13 was a complete blank. I remember clapping at people, trying to mind choke Darth Vader and thinking the faster I do this the quicker I get to the margarita machine.

Then I saw Mickey in a chef’s hat and I broke into a sprint.

My official Wine & Dine Time was 2:07:50.

7 minutes and 9 seconds faster then Princess. And best of all I felt fabulous. Or as fabulous as someone can while running 13.1 miles.

Rich and I after drying off and changing.

I also have brag about my fabulously fast fiance, who completed his first half in 1:50:53.

I am pretty sure it was his first and last but you never know. I could get him drunk again and sign him up.



ps. Hopefully disney will have official photos posted soon and you can see how mad I look while I run!


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  1. You two look awesome!

  2. thanks! that is going to be you and me in February!

  3. Gosh! I need to get in shape! You make me want to run!


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