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Pre-wedding weekend

Oh Hi! I am alive

and somewhat well.

My bridal shower weekend left me exhausted and over whelmed.

But it was well worth it.

We had a fabulous run through the hills of San Antonio.

It ended with my fast 5 mile race ever.

And some ‘bows being thrown.

That really tall chick tried to pass me in the chute…uncool man uncool.

I ended up taking second in my age group, and beating that tall chick (also in my age group) by a second!

We then relaxed at the spa.

Ate dinner at Maggiano’s, also known as the greatest restaurant ever!

Then came home to the messiest house ever.

Rich was having his bachelor party at the same time.

I now know my floor can sleep 9 grown men comfortably.

Kammie was a little bit confused with the sleeping situation.

Torre felt right at home.

I know the boys had a great time and they were so sweet and cleaned up as well!

Got to love boys that clean.

This weekend also included a bridal shower.

Which was a lot of fun and I was introduced to some new recipes that I cannot wait to try out!

And some craziness with my favorite cousins.

I have spent the last five days catching up on sleep, eating leftovers and finding random bottles of who knows what around the house.

I loved every moment and Rich and I appreciated everyone who made plans to come down and celebrate with us.

And a big big big thank you to my fabulous matron of honor!




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  1. I love the white dress that you are wearing in some of these pictures! Im so happy for you Emily 🙂 I cant believe that you are getting married!!! So so awesome ❤

    xo T
    Check out my GIVEAWAY!

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