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Things I did

1. We got married.

It was pretty fabulous.

2. Ran the Princess Half Marathon

And set my a PB of 1:59:58.

I was aiming for under 2 hours and I got there (barely).

3. Ran the Gasparilla Half a week later.

And did it pretty close to my Princess time.


4. Celebrated a birthday.

God gave me the gift of the Hunger Games movie.

It did not suck.

5. Looked at 8 MILLION homes.

Seriously I am pretty sure if there was a home for sale in Central Florida we looked at it.

6. Got my running buddy back!!!

I do not want to insult my wedding but this was also pretty fabulous.

7. Ate my weight in Jalapeno Hummus.

8. Joined a virtual bootcamp.

See number 7.

It felt like I was super busy but when I put it in a list it seems lame.

But I will continue to use my wedding as an excuse for my lame brain.



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